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Our Services Include:

  • Complete aquarium maintenance
  • Fresh and saltwater aquarium installation
  • Fresh and saltwater aquarium services
  • Creative tank design
  • Fresh and saltwater livestock
  • Aquarium dry goods

Aquarium services by Pristine Marine Aquariums

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50% on maintenance

From tank design and set up to ongoing aquarium maintenance, you can count on Pristine Marine Aquariums for all your aquarium needs. We are skilled tank designers, as well as professional aquarium maintenance specialists for both freshwater and
saltwater ecosystems.

Our Services Include:  

  • Water Change
  • Water Testing
  • Cleaning Waste from Gravel
  • Cleaning Inside/Outside Glass
  • Cleaning Decoration
  • Salt Deposit Removal
  • Service Protein Skimmer
  • Replace Chemical and Mechanical Filter Pads/Cartridges
  • Premium Quality Handpicked Fish, Coral, and Invertebrates
  • Emergency Visits @ Additional CostTo

To schedule your service, contact Pristine Marine Aquariums today.

24-hour warranty on live stock and free delivery.

Emergency services available at 718-300-2021.

Aquarium dry goods||||

We will clean and maintain your protein skimmer at each and every visit!