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Our Services Include:

  • Complete aquarium maintenance
  • Fresh and saltwater aquarium installation
  • Fresh and saltwater aquarium services
  • Creative tank design
  • Fresh and saltwater livestock
  • Aquarium dry goods

We get great reviews

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“I have been a customer for several years now and my fish are healthy and seem happy, the tank is always ‘crystal clear’ and there have been no fish illnesses or deaths. Jason is attentive, reliable and knowledgeable and he’s good at heading off issues before they turn into problems. In the past I tried maintaining tanks on my own and didn’t really have much luck, most of my efforts resulted in quite a few fish deaths along with lots of money wasted on medicine, equipment, etc. that ultimately never worked in the end anyway. It is so simple now to have the tank totally maintained and cleaned by someone that truly knows his craft. It’s a pleasure doing business with Pristine Marine Aquariums and I highly recommend them to anyone (novice or expert) who may be interested in setting up a tank.”

– Rose Ann Cariello, Westbury, N.Y.To schedule your service, contact Pristine Marine Aquariums today.