About Us

We specialize in complete aquarium installation, design, maintenance and livestock/dry goods care. When we service our customers, we are responsible for the maintenance of the equipment and the health of the fish/livestock thereafter. We are committed to our high standards for service and quality. Whether you're looking for a brand new setup or just wanting to add a few components to complete your existing setup, we welcome all inquiries and we're here to help you showcase your dream aquarium.

Pristine Marine Aquariums, Inc. started as a DIY hobby for CEO and Owner, Jason Giannas, over 17 years ago, who began making his own units, perfecting the setup process one at a time. Now we've combined that same passion for aquariums with close to two decades of experience and operate on a much bigger scale. We build, stock, and maintain hundreds of aquariums every year and understand the needs of not only our high-end business accounts, but also the average enthusiast trying to build their own custom setup. We believe in providing all of our customers with products and services that they can be proud of and call their own.

Check out our image gallery for real examples of customer setups and our amazing products.