Our aquariums are custom made into a variety of shapes and sizes. We install and service saltwater and freshwater tanks. During our initial visit, we come to your home or small business to measure the desired area for your aquarium. Depending on what the customer has in mind, we can suggest ideas or help bring their vision to life! Our tanks include the typical styles such as rectangle, cube, half circle, and cylinder. We also offer more intricate styles including bowfront, peninsula, triangle, corner tanks, double-side-view, machete or double machete tanks. 

We also offer quotes for custom wood designs and carpentry to complete your aquarium’s overall look.

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More About our Pristine Marine Aquariums...

  • All of our livestock (coral, fish, invertebrates) is “cherry picked” from our wholesalers: You’ll be amazed with the vibrant colors and diversity of our products

  • When setting up your aquarium we specialize in coral placement: We locate the best place within the aquarium for each piece to thrive. This depends on the tank’s water circulation and light intake, also known as the PAR (Photosynthetic Available Radiation) level

  • We cater to your requests: Whether you’re interested in a FOWLR (fish only with live rock) tank or reef aquarium (combination of fish, live rock, coral and invertebrates) we provide our clients with pictures of our products and recommend other products that are compatible and compliment the customer’s requests 

  • We schedule livestock deliveries: Call us for a quote

  • Our equipment setups and services include: pumps, water testing, tank cleanings, protein skimmers, gravel and sand siphoning and filter pad

  • We offer weekly, bi-weekly, etc. servicing: Call us for to setup your appointments 

  • We also offer 24/7 emergency servicing 

  • Common examples of our invertebrates: Strawberry Conchs, Red Leg and Blue Leg Hermit Crabs, Zebra Turbo Snails, Cleaner Shrimps, Peppermint Shrimps, Serpent Sea Stars

  • Common examples of our corals: Ricordea, Chalice, Acropora, Montipora, Brain, Star Polyps, Hammer, Torch, Galaxea, Goniopora, Leather, Mushrooms

  • Common examples of our RARE fish include: Rainbow Basslet, Clown Fish, Black Storm Clown Fish, Mystery Wrasse, Hippo Tang, Gem Tang, Yuanbao Parrot Cichlid and African Cichlid

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